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The South East Sector Led Improvement Programme (SESLIP) is the name for the regional improvement and innovation alliance (RIIA) in the south east.

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South East Sector Led Improvement Programme (SESLIP)

SESLIP is a membership group of all single/upper-tier local authorities in the South East.

We believe good children’s services are a product of reflective practice, professional supervision/peer challenge, effective leadership and independent audit.

We aim to:

  • improve outcomes for children and young people across the South East
  • establish a culture of honest and constructive dialogue and challenge within and between authorities
  • demonstrate the capacity and capability of the sector to achieve a coherent and consistent self-improving system.

Additionally, participating authorities have each signed a tailored Memorandum of Understanding to support the SE children’s sector-led improvement programme.

Kent County Council acts as the lead authority and also Chairs the Programme Steering Group.

Regional Improvement Plan

It contains 17 workstreams reflecting the regional priorities identified in the annual round of DCS self-assessments and peer challenges. There are now 12 practice networks:

The are five projects:

The plan recognises that all children’s services have strengths which can help inspire improvement in others; it also recognises that they are all capable of further improvement. It aims to discourage the conclusion that only poor or weak services need improvement help; instead it celebrates honest self-evaluation and constant improvement as antidotes to complacency.

The main features of the plan are:

  • a non-stigmatising approach to improvement
  • support for innovation and new approaches to service delivery challenges
  • development of the skills of staff, managers, corporate and political leaders
  • increased sharing of ideas, insight, understanding and solutions

Tools, Templates & Useful Links

Governance and Reports

The SESLIP Steering Group includes:

SE ADCS (Lead DCS Sarah Hammond (DCS Kent), Deputy-lead Deb Austin (Brighton and Hove) and SLIP DCS Stuart Ashley (Hampshire and Isle of Wight))

Chief Executives – Contacts (Lead Chief Executives Becky Shaw (East and West Sussex) and Michael Bracey (Milton Keynes))

LGA Lead Lead Member Cllr Jacquie Russell (West Sussex); Principal Adviser William Brooks; and Children’s Improvement Adviser Helen Watson

Also invited to attend from the DfE is David Myers (Regional Improvement Support Lead)

Contact Details

SESLI Programme Manager: Richard Tyndall (South East Sector-Led Improvement Programme)


07880 787007

LGA Children’s Improvement Adviser: Helen Watson (South East Sector-Led Improvement Programme)


07810 011892

LGA Corporate Improvement Adviser: Philip (Phil) Simpkins (LGA)


LGA Principal Adviser – South East: William (Will) Brooks (LGA)