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SESLIP Legal Disclaimer

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The South East Sector Led Improvement Programme is developed by the Local Authorities and their partners ADCS, LGA and Solace, and founded on a Memorandum of Understanding, which has been agreed nationally and in the South East. All three associations are committed to work together to improve outcomes for children and demonstrate the capacity and capability of the sector to achieve a coherent and consistent self-improving system.

  • The role of the LGA is to maintain an overview of the performance of the local government sector in order to identify potential performance challenges and opportunities, and to provide tools and support to help councils take advantage of the approach
  • The role of SOLACE is to ensure the engagement of the professional leadership of local government in sector led improvement and inform its work from their unique perspective of the full extent of corporate and partnership activity
  • The role of ADCS is to provide the reservoir of critical sector expertise and engage the leadership of children’s services in sector led improvement

Working through the SEADCS the programme is supported though an annual subscription. All 19 LAs in the SE are subscribers to the programme. The benefits of subscription are set out throughout this website.

The work of the programme is managed by South East Sector Led Improvement Programme – Steering Group

Programme Manager Contact Details

SESLI Programme Manager: Richard Tyndall (South East Sector-Led Improvement Programme)

07880 787007