Take your place – Supporting Future Leaders

SESLIP has developed this programme to support future leaders in Children’s Social Care, Education, SEND, Early Help and other aspects of children’s services.

What is Take your Place? The programme is made up of a range of flexible learning opportunities for leaders and managers who may be interested in moving to more senior roles. This includes experiential learning, workshops and other opportunities. Participants are free to pick and choose which elements they would like to take part in. 

Who is it for? It is open to people who want to progress to more senior roles and also those who would like to improve their leadership skills. Our market research for setting up this programmme identified considerable ambivalence about applying for senior roles in our current workforce (less than 40% of those asked had active plans to apply).

How much do the training courses cost? All are free at the point of access and have been paid for by your authority as part of their SESLIP subscription. We make ask authorities to help us prioritise applicants if course become oversubscribed.

How did SESLIP decide what to include in Take your Place?

In late 2019 we commissioned a piece of research. The report helped us to develop an understanding of the demographics and development needs of future leaders of children’s services in the South East. We recognise that we may future potential future leaders have reservations about applying for senior roles. These concerns relate to combination of pull factors (e.g. wanting to stay close to the frontline) and push factors (e.g. not understanding the role of senior officers, the political interface etc). Take you place is designed to give participants the opportunity to explore these issues with current children’s services leaders and expert partner organisations.

This report is the first stage of our development - we would be keen to hear from you what you would like to see in this programme in the future. Please contact Mark Evans (details below).

Common myths about leadership: why it is good for you and how your leadership can reduce stress for others 

Overview – This workshop has been created following research completed for SESLIP to identify the learning needs of future leader of children’s services across the South East. The workshop will explore: 

  • Fears people have about leadership and how to allay them: why being a leader can reduce your stress 
  • Experiences of leadership in the context of the pandemic and what it has shown us: 
  • How leaders can try to reduce stress for others 
  • Reflections from children’s services leaders in the region 

The workshop was delivered on 1 March 2021 by Alison Jeffery (DCS Portsmouth) and Lucy Butler (DCS West Sussex) supported by SESLIP.  

Women in Leadership on 24 and 25 March 2021

– A recent participant said of this course

“Extremely well balanced 2-day focused on leadership (best leadership course attended ever!!!) and excellent and engaging facilitators – very inclusive of whole group. It has given tools and knowledge to better navigate my leadership journey – reflect, share, learn and be clear on what next for me and my leadership journey”

The Women in Leadership Programme is designed to create a safe space for women to connect, share their experiences and learn how to strive and thrive in their own work places.
There are some key issues that affects every woman along the path of her career. The Programme helps to address some of the issues that affect all females by providing a forum that considers the unique challenges women encounter.


Black and Asian Leaders 23 and 24 June 2021

We are pleased to have developed a partnership with The Staff College to deliver this programme and join with them in their mission to unite, engage, empower and elevate current and prospective BAME leaders. By raising awareness of challenges and to providing support to help overcome negative experiences.

This programme aims to:

  • Provide strategies to help participants overcome barriers and enhance their skills to be able to thrive as Black global majority leaders;
  • Renew self and group confidence, which is often depleted by everyday racism;
  • Enable participants to learn about and try out for themselves different leadership approaches and understand how these relate to their own values and principles;
  • Ensure participants develop their own personal learning plan in order to help them progress in their careers.

BALI is a Black only space to ensure that:

  • All participants are afforded a safe environment to consider how personal and professional experiences of covert, overt and institutional racism have and do impact upon them;
  • Participants can explore issues from a Black perspective;
  • They can develop a trusting, close and active network of Black colleagues.

Next Event - 23 and 24 June 2021

Black and Asian Leaders

23 and 24 June 2021

To book please contact Mark@markevansconsulting.co.uk

Contact Details

CSC Workforce and DfE Project Phase 2 Lead: Mark Evans
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SESLI Programme Manager: Richard Tyndall
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