UPDATE NO 220 04 November 2016

Newsletters A brief summary of the main headlines and highlights for this week are shown below. Any tools, templates or documents needed for the actions required are provided here also. If you would like to know more about these workstreams or the others in the Programme, click on the main section icons shown above. At […]

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A brief summary of the main headlines and highlights for this week are shown below. Any tools, templates or documents needed for the actions required are provided here also. If you would like to know more about these workstreams or the others in the Programme, click on the main section icons shown above. At SESLIP we are always on the look-out for good ideas that might be better implemented regionally rather than locally. If you have any suggestions, please contact Richard Tyndall, SESLI Programme Manager.

UPDATE NO 220 04 November 2016


South East Grid for Learning


The Department for Education’s 2016 Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSiE) statutory guidance has increased the responsibility for Governors with a requirement that they should ensure the school has policies, procedures and activities in place. To support Governors in understanding how this affects online safety, UKCCIS has just released some key questions for Governors.

Action Required:

The UK Safer Internet Centre has developed guidance for schools to help them understand what is meant by ‘appropriate filtering and monitoring’ as mentioned in the KCSiE guidance. As well as the guidance, suppliers of both monitoring and filtering services have been asked to self certify their systems against the checklist developed by the UK Safer Internet Centre. Those that have responded are listed in the guidance. For those local authorities that deal with filtering and/or monitoring in-house for their schools, it would be worth completing the exercise.


Kent Online Safety Team: resources to support schools


The Kent Online safety team have produced some excellent resources to support schools (open to all) in understanding both the KCSiE guidance and “Inspecting safeguarding in early years, education and skills settings” 2016.

Reminders from previous weeks


Extreme Times: A Radical Approach. Free Film Offer


By kind invitation of Rehna Azim and the Event Committee {Sian Gough, James Tidnam (42 Bedford Row); Martin Downs, James Hart (1 Crown Office Row); Maria Hancock, James Still (Westgate Chambers)}, this event is a must for local authorities, solicitors, barristers, judges and agencies dealing with the fall-out of radicalisation.

Extreme Times : A Radical Approach

Film screening of ‘Jihad‘, Keynote address by a former jihadi featured in the film, Panel discussion and Q+A

Action Required:

On: 8th November 2016

At: The Old Courthouse, 118 Church St, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 1UD 

Time: 5.30 for 6 pm




Self Evaluation Framework 2016


The preparation and orientation day has now been set for Monday 23 January 2017 at Easthampstead Park Conference Centre.

The SEF process is open to all local authorities/children’s services trusts in the south east who choose to sign the Memorandum of Understanding.

Action Required:

The template for the Self Evaluation Framework 2016 is available here. Thanks to Milton KeynesSouthamptonSurrey, West Berkshire and West Sussex for returning signed versions.

The training/orientation session will be on Monday 23 January 2017. Anna Wright is canvassing colleagues about the content and structure of this event, please contact her to discuss who should attend, and other matters.

For a further discussion about the programme please contact Richard Tyndall (details below) in the first instance


LGA Peer Diagnostic for Child Sexual Exploitation


Colleagues at Surrey CC have recently finished pilot testing this new LGA programme, as one of three test sites nationally (the others were Derby City and Walsall).

Action Required:

The roll-out of this new LGA offering is planned for 2017, and all enquiries about commissioning this for your authority should be directed via Anna Wright (contact details below) in the first instance.


Leadership Development


We continue to offer our successful portfolio of Leadership Development Courses all of which have been positively evaluated by delegates.

We are offering LAs the opportunity to train their own trainers for all our courses. Our aim is to increase the capacity and capability across the region  to ensure future sustainability within LAs. Courses can also be delivered with adult services and/or for schools. Please contact Di Smith, details below, if this is of interest to you. 

Action Required:

All courses are run in-house in the LA who provides the venue. Each course is accompanied by a range of training resources for the delegates including a comprehensive handbook. The current courses on offer are as follows and details of each course and the costs for each can be found by downloading the April 2016 Leadership Development Prospectus

Coaching to Improve Performance

Embedding a Coaching Culture

Leading Change in Times of Austerity

Step Up to Leadership   

We can also arrange one-to-one coaching, especially to support newly appointed 2nd and 3rd tier managers

If you require further details or wish to book a course please get in touch with Di Smith (contact details below)

Tools & Templates

UKCCIS has released some key questions for Governors.

UK Safer Internet Centre checklist

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