UPDATE NO 529 28 October 2022

Newsletters If you would like to know more about the Programme, click on the main section icons shown above. At SESLIP we are always on the look-out for good ideas that might be better implemented regionally rather than locally. If you have any suggestions, please contact Richard Tyndall, SESLI Programme Manager (details below).  Our Regional […]

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If you would like to know more about the Programme, click on the main section icons shown above.

At SESLIP we are always on the look-out for good ideas that might be better implemented regionally rather than locally. If you have any suggestions, please contact Richard Tyndall, SESLI Programme Manager (details below). 

Our Regional Improvement Plan for 2022-2023 (July 2022) can be found here

If you would like to work for the programme, ESCC has advertised the SESLIP Freelance Consultant Approved ListPlease address all enquiries about this opportunity to Richard Tyndall (contact details below)

UPDATE NO 529 28 October 2022


West Midlands Team Excellence Awards 2022


On 21 October, West Midlands ADCS Network held its Team Excellence Awards 2022. This was an event where they highlighted each of the partners’ outstanding services, set out in a flyer.

Action Required:

If you would like to know more about anyone the projects/teams, please contact Paul BrewsterRelationship & Communication Manager at the network.


Children’s Apps to support the Home Learning Environment 2 November 2-4pm NOW BOOKING


LGA is organising a webinar on children’s apps and the home learning environment on Wednesday 2 November 2022, 14:00 – 16:00.

The team from NESTA will be sharing the findings from their recent research and from the University College London on their research 

Action Required:

Join us to learn more about the Apps on the market, which are supportive of children’s development and a discussion about how Local Authorities can promote them both universally and targeted. What are the challenges and barriers and how have other LAs overcome them?

You can book your free place here


DfE evaluation of round one of the Children’s social care innovation programme


On 12 October DfE published Seven features of practice and seven outcomes

This framework draws upon findings from projects looking to redesign whole children’s social care practice systems, rather than work focused on a specific group of children or issue.

Action Required:

The framework:

  • provides an overview of what the 7 features of practice look like on the ground
  • provides an overview of the challenges and successes of implementation
  • outlines the difference that these features of practice can make to the lives of children and families
  • outlines the 7 main outcomes achieved by projects that have demonstrated them

Further information about the children’s social care innovation programme is available.


Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse: final report


On 20 October the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse published its final report

Action Required:

IICSA has published 15 investigation reports across a range of subjects, each with detailed recommendations.


SEND SE19 establishes DSCO network – first meeting 2 December 2pm


Ellen Atkinson (with her SESLIP consultant hat on) writes:

A Designated Social Care Officer (DSCO) network group is being established for those with responsibility for SEND in social care services to explore the challenges, share practice and how things are working across the region. 

Action Required:

The first meeting is planned for the Friday 2nd December 2-3.30pm.  People should contact me on ejatkinson@me.com  and she will arrange for an invitation to be sent to them.


Internships Work programme – Strengthening the supported internship offer


Ellen Atkinson (with her NTDi hat on writes)

DON’T MISS OUT!!! There is a grant linked to the Internships Work programme and the DfE has sent a letter to all Local Authorities. Some LAs have not responded to accept the grant so please respond asap if you want to take up this offer.

Action Required:

There are also days available for each LA and the region to support developments, so please get in touch to discuss how we can progress this opportunity. Contact Ellen.Atkinson@NDTi.org.uk


Making Participation Work


The Council for Disabled Children (CDC) are leading nationally on sharing and encouraging best practice around ‘participation’ in education, health and social care services.  Surrey is our regional representative and Kathrine Everett presented at the recent SE19 SEND Joint Strategic Network. The slides from the presentation are here.

Action Required:

A group is currently being established, in partnership with representative parent carer forums, to provide a regional focus for promoting and sharing best practice which will feed into the national CDC work. The group will be chaired by Katherine Everett and is seeking membership from colleagues in LAs and health services. More information can be obtained from Ellen Atkinson with her SESLIP hat on


Whole School SEND


The SE19 SEND network has made links with Whole School SEND who also presented at the recent network meeting. Slides from the presentation with links are here.

Action Required:

The new national DfE contract with ‘Whole School SEND’ has a ‘regional networking’ element. The intention is to link with ‘Whole School SEND’ through a refreshed regional SEND Inclusion Group. The outcomes of joint work and best practice identified will be shared regionally through the SE19 SEND Conversations and nationally by ‘Whole School SEND’. More from Sheelagh Sullivan (contact details below).


Academic Year 2021/22 Key Stage 4 performance data published


On 20 October DfE published Academic Year 2021/22 Key Stage 4 performance data. Headlines include: the widest disadvantage gap for 10 years and declining attainment by students with SEND.

Action Required:

Also published: destination data for KS4 and KS5 for 2021-22.      


Learning about neurodiversity at school (LEANS)


On 12 October Alyssa Alcorn of the University of Edinburgh gave a presentation about learning about neurodiveristy at school (LEANS) to the SE19 Joint SEND Strategic Conversation

Action Required:

LEANS is a free, downloadable programme for mainstream primary schools. It introduces pupils aged 8-11 to the concept of neurodiversity, and helps them explore how it impacts school experiences. It is a teacher-delivered resource for the whole class. More details here.


Social Work England – registration renewal reminder – closes 30 NOVEMBER


On 30 November Social Work England‘s window for registration renewal closes. Applications for social workers to renew their registration are now open. Apply to renew

Action Required:

Before 30 November, social workers must:

  • submit an application to renew
  • record at least 2 pieces of CPD, including a peer reflection
  • pay their registration fee
  • make any safe and effective practice declarations

They’re also asking social workers to review or consider submitting their diversity data this year. This is optional but they encourage social workers to share this information to help them ensure their processes are fair.

Reminders from previous weeks


Future dates for network meetings


Lead Members Group: Friday 2 December. Network Meeting (10-11.45) and Joint Meeting with DCSs (12-1) both via teams. More from Alison Michalska (contact details below)

Data Benchmarking: Tuesday 13 December 10:00am More from Alastair Lee (contact details below)

Adoption and Special Guardianship Leadership Board: More from Rebecca Eligon (contact details below)

Action Required:

AD EducationFriday 25 November 10:00am. More from Chris Owen (contact details below)

AD Safeguarding: Friday 9 December 10:00am. More from Mark Evans (contact details below)

QA Network: Wednesday 14 December 2:00pm. More from Amanda Meadows (contact details below)

Fostering Network: More from Rebecca Eligon (contact details below)

SEND SE19: Wednesday 16 November 2022 12:00 – 13:30 SEND Strategic Conversation: LAs. More from Sheelagh Sullivan (contact details below)

Early Help: Monday 5 December 11.30am. More from Rebecca Eligon (contact details below)

Family Hubs Community of Practice: More from Carly Bain (contact details below) 


Schooling for the Future: 10&11 November 2022


Schooling for the Future is holding a think-tank discussion on 10&11 November 2022 at Nottingham Jubilee Hotel & Conference Centre

Action Required:

Whether you are a policymaker, a headteacher or have a senior role in improving the learning outcomes for children and young people, please join us in this Think Tank discussion which provides the opportunity with peers to consider and review the policy, practice and purpose of our schooling systems.

The booking form is here


Anna Freud Centre systematic review of 77 psychotherapy studies

Action Required:

A new systematic study shows psychotherapy interventions can prevent and reduce mental health difficulties in parents and caregivers and their babies and young children commissioned by the Association of Child Psychotherapists (ACP). The systematic review of 77 research studies, including 5,660 participants, shows that therapy in the very early months and years of life can help to prevent and reduce mental health difficulties both for parents and carers and their children by focusing on the crucial relationship between them. 

The executive summary (6pp) is here. The full report (74pp) is here.


Updated DfE guidance: Creating sustainable high needs systems


On 18 October DfE updated its Guidance on our intervention work with local authorities as part of its published advice on creating sustainable high needs systems.

Action Required:

This includes guidance and a framework of questions for LAs drawn from the SEND Delivering Better Value programme. 


Down Syndrome Act 2022 guidance: call for evidence closes 8 November 2022


The DfE has launched a call for evidence on Down Syndrome Act 2022 guidance which closes at 

Action Required:

This call for evidence will inform the development of the Down Syndrome Act statutory guidance. DfE are seeking views on what should be included within the guidance. It will consider those views when producing draft guidance which it intends to publish for full public consultation.

Tools & Templates

We have produced a Regional Improvement Plan (July 2022) which will underpin activities while we await publication of the DfE’s reponse to the McAllister Care Review, which is anticipated in Autumn 2023

On 20 October the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse published its final report

On 20 October DfE published Academic Year 2021/22 Key Stage 4 performance data

On 18 October DfE updated its Guidance on our intervention work with local authorities as part of its published advice on creating sustainable high needs systems

On 12 October Alyssa Alcorn of the University of Edinburgh gave a presentation about learning about neurodiveristy at school (LEANS) to the SE19 Joint SEND Strategic Conversation

On 12 October DfE published Seven features of practice and seven outcomes.

On 7 October DfE published new guidance on Schools Causing Concern

On 7 October, ASCEL,  Libraries Connected and LGA published a Library Rhyme Time Chart 

On 6 October the DfE and OHID launched a home learning environment (HLE) campaign

On 6 October Anna Freud Centre published The Evidence Base for Psychoanalytic and Psychodynamic Interventions with Children Under 5 Years of Age and Their Caregivers: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

On 30 September What Works for Children’s Social Care published a systematic review of Safeguarding practice for young people and adults who experienced child sexual exploitation.

On 29 September the Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel published two papers: The management of bruising in non-mobile infants and Multi-agency safeguarding and domestic abuse.

On 7 September NICE published guidelines on Self-harm: assessment, management and preventing recurrence [NG225]

On 7 September CARA and ICENA in collaboration with young survivors in Essex published five animated videos to support professionals working with children and young people to understand the impacts of sexual violence.

On 6 September DfE published National Key stage 2 attainment statistics for 2021-22

On 1 September the Children’s Commissioner published Family and its protective effect: Part 1 of the Independent Family Review

On 1 September DfE published the updated version of Keeping Children Safe in Education 

On 1 September DfE updated Behaviour in schools Advice for headteachers and school staff

On 26 August FFT Education Data Lab published preliminary analysis of 2022 GCSE data 

On 25 August Research in Practice published Completing social work chronologies: Practice Tool (2022)

On 16 August The Staff College launched “Schooling for the future”, a series of academic and practical resources that are free to access

On 11 August the Home Office published the National Referral Mechanism and Duty to Notify statistics UK for April to June 2022

On 5 August LGA published a series of 8 case studies looking at health inequalities and children, including one on Cherwell, Oxfordshire 

On 2 August DLUHC published a Welcome Guide addressed to unaccompanied Ukrainian children travelling to UK

Contact Details

Data and Information Manager: Luke Ede (East Sussex)


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LGA Children’s Improvement Adviser: Helen Watson (South East Sector-Led Improvement Programme)


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Children’s Services Performance Manager, Convener Of SE Quality Assurance Network: Amanda Meadows (Hampshire)


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Service Manager, Early Help, Family Hubs and Supporting Families: Carly Bain (Isle of Wight)


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Education Network: Chris Owen (South East Sector-Led Improvement Programme)


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SESLIP Education Data Group Lead: Daryl Perilli (Brighton and Hove)


SESLIP Consultant and LGA SEND Improvement Adviser: Deborah Glassbrook (South East Sector-Led Improvement Programme)


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CSC Workforce, PSW and AD Safeguarding Network Lead: Mark Evans (South East Sector-Led Improvement Programme)


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Regional Development Manager Unaccompanied Asylum-Seeking Children (SE Region): Martin Tuck (South East Sector-Led Improvement Programme)


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LGA Corporate Improvement Adviser: Philip (Phil) Simpkins (LGA)


Adoption; Fostering; Kinship and Early Help Regional Networks: Rebecca Eligon (South East Sector-Led Improvement Programme)


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SESLI Programme Manager: Richard Tyndall (South East Sector-Led Improvement Programme)


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S.E. Region SEND Network Programme Co-ordinator: Sheelagh Sullivan (South East Sector-Led Improvement Programme)