Lead Members' Group

The role of Lead Member is key to the leadership of Children’s Services.

We recognise the wealth of experience, enthusiasm and talent of our Lead Members and as with our DCSs, the support of colleagues and safe environment to share ideas and learn from each other is beneficial to all.

The SESLIP Programme Board has agreed to develop a work-stream to support the learning and development of Lead Members as a part of the SESLIP Improvement Plan. 

During 2020-2021 we piloted a programme of self-assessment and triad/ quartet peer challenge which were complementary to the DCS-led self-assessment and peer challenge and support. The priority outcomes from this programme have been agreed with Lead Members and will shape and inform the members work-stream which is currently being drafted.

The Lead Member Sponsor is Cllr Gareth Barnard, Executive Member for Children, Young People & Learning for Bracknell Forest.

South East Region's Lead Members Group is supported by Alison Michalska,  the LGA Regional Children's Improvement Advisor, as part of LGA's ongoing sector-led improvement offer.

Governance & Reports

Confidential organisational information is shared under the terms of the current SESLIP Memorandum of Understanding.

A contact list for the Lead Members Group is here.

Useful resources

Check out the LGA website for a wealth of helpful resources to support you in your role as Lead Member for Children's Services. We have picked out five key documents below as starters.

Webinars and workshops

#3 Understanding adolescents and the challenges and risks faced supporting and safeguarding complex young people with Dez Holmes of Research in Practice Friday 8 October 9.30

The presentation is here and the recording (55 mins) of Dez Holmes giving it is here

Workshops already delivered

These were devised to respond to critical areas of concern for our South East member colleagues with senior leadership responsibility.

The first of these took place on Friday 5 March 2021, with the topic:

#1: Your role as Corporate Parents in delivering excellence for Care Leavers, presented by Mark Riddell MBE. In the panel opposite there are links to his presentation, a BBC feature on a care leaver and a letter from MHCLG on Council Tax and Care Leavers.

The second workshop took place on Friday 19th March, on the topic: #2 Child Poverty - understanding the role of Councillors in tacking child poverty and was led by Lisa Faulkner Bunyan (Child and Family Poverty/ Children's Services expert). The slides for this event are posted in the box opposite.

The next workshop was inserted out of order on Tuesday 17 August into the programme due to the crisis #4 Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children and the National Transfer Scheme and was led by DCSs and Lead Members from Kent and Portsmouth and Katie Thrussell of the South East Strategic Partnership on Migration. The slides are posted in the box opposite.

Next expert workshop: Friday 8 October 2021

Expert Workshop #3: Understanding adolescents and the challenges and risks faced supporting and safeguarding complex young people. 

SAVE THE DATE  Friday 8th October 9.30 - 12.30

I’m delighted that we have been able to arrange a virtual learning and development workshop on one of the priority areas from the Lead Member Peer Challenge sessions. 

The workshop will led by Dez Holmes, Director of Research in Practice, and will address understanding adolescents and the challenges and risks faced supporting and safeguarding complex young people. 

For more information please contact Richard or Alison (details below)

Contact Details

SESLI Programme Manager: Richard Tyndall
07880 787007
LGA Children's Improvement Adviser: Alison Michalska
07920 727626