UPDATE NO 463 23 July 2021

Newsletters If you would like to know more about these workstreams or the others in the Programme, click on the main section icons shown above. At SESLIP we are always on the look-out for good ideas that might be better implemented regionally rather than locally. If you have any suggestions, please contact Richard Tyndall, SESLI […]

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If you would like to know more about these workstreams or the others in the Programme, click on the main section icons shown above.

At SESLIP we are always on the look-out for good ideas that might be better implemented regionally rather than locally. If you have any suggestions, please contact Richard Tyndall, SESLI Programme Manager (details below). 

Our Regional Improvement Plan for 2020-2021 can be found here.

UPDATE NO 463 23 July 2021


New recovery fund to tackle harms facing vulnerable children


On 8 July 2021, minister Vicky Ford MP announced a “£24 million regional fund for children’s social care, including funding to support unaccompanied minors”. See press release here.

Action Required:

The funding prospectus is here and an FAQ sheet (now v3) is here.

A special meeting of the DCSs discussed the south east response on Thursday 22 July, many thanks to all who have contributed to the draft response.

Please address all questions about accessing this funding to Richard Tyndall, Programme Manager (details below).


KCSIE September 2021 edition published


On 6 July 2021 DfE published a revised Keeping children safe in education which will come into force on 1 September 2021.

Action Required:

KCSIE 2021 is here.  

NSPCC has published a detailed briefing on the changes, their CASPAR report is here


Nuffield Foundation: System conditions and welfare inequalities in children’s services


On 30 June 2021, Nuffield Foundation published System conditions and welfare inequalities in children’s services by Rick Hood and Allie Goldacre with Adam King, Ed Jones, Calum Webb and Paul Bywaters

Action Required:

There is a significant social gradient for children’s social care services, which means they disproportionately intervene with children from more deprived backgrounds.”

The full report is hereThe executive summary is hereThe research briefing is here


Social Worker Anti-Racism Questionnaire


The Anti-Racist Steering Grouphas launched a social worker anti-racism questionnaire. The survey is hosted by What Works for Children’s Social Care

Action Required:

The Anti-Racist Steering Group is comprised of representatives from the Principal Social Workers’ Network, the Department for Education, Social Work England, Office of the Chief Social Workers Department of Health and Social Care and What Works for Children’s Social Care. 

Watch a video to meet the Anti-Racist Social Work Steering Group.


Initial teacher training (ITT) market review


On 5 July 2021, DfE launched a consultation on Initial teacher training (ITT) market review which closes on 22 August 2021

Action Required:

The DfE is seeking views on the recommendations made by the expert group in their ITT market review report.

The DfE appointed an expert group to undertake a review of the ITT market for courses that lead to qualified teacher status. The aim of the review is to enable the provision of consistently high-quality training in line with the ITT core content framework.

Reminders from previous weeks


Future dates for network meetings


Lead Members Group: Friday 8 October 2021 9:30-12:30. Expert workshop #3 on vulnerable adolescents. More information from Alison Michalska (contact details below)

Data Benchmarking: Tuesday 14 September 2021. More information from Alastair Lee (contact details below)

Adoption and Special Guardianship Leadership Board: Tuesday 12 October 2021. More information from Rebecca Eligon (contact details below)

Action Required:

AD EducationFriday 17 September – 10.00am. More information from Chris Owen (contact details below)

AD Safeguarding: Friday 10 September 2021. More information from Mark Evans (contact details below)

QA Network: Friday 10 September 2021. 2pm – 5pm. More information from Amanda Meadows (contact details below)

Fostering Network: 10.30am Monday 4 October 2021. More information from Rebecca Eligon (contact details below)

SEND SE19: Preparing for Adulthood Forum 21 September 2021 13:30 – 15:30 More information from Tracey Maytas (contact details below)

Tools & Templates

We have produced a Regional Improvement Plan which will underpin activities in 2021-2022

KCSIE 2021 published by DfE 6 July 2021 and NSPCC CASPAR Briefing explaining the changes

Initial teacher training (ITT) market review consultation by DfE which closes on 22 August 2021, launched 5 July 2021

System conditions and welfare inequalities in children’s services published by Nuffield Foundation on 30 June 2021

Behaviour management strategies, in-school units and managed moves – DfE consultation published 29 June closes 10 August 2021

Fostering the future – Helping local authorities to fulfil their legal duties published by Social market Foindation 25 June 2021

Special educational needs in England published by DfE 24 June 2021

The forgotten: how white working-class pupils have been let down, and how to change it (HC85) published by HoC Education Select Committee 22 June 2021

Children’s social care questionnaires 2021 published by Ofsted 18 June 2021

Secondary and primary school applications and offers data published by the DfE 17 June 2021

Schools, pupils and their characteristics published by the DfE 17 June 2021

The Case for Change published by the Independent Review of Children’s Social Care in England 17 June 2021

Promoting the education of children with a social worker Virtual School Head role extension published by DfE on 16 June 2021

Using targets to improve performance published by the Institute for Government 16 June 2021

Academy Trust Handbook published by DfE 16 June 2021

Review of sexual abuse in schools and colleges published by Ofsted 10 June 2021

Evaluation of the Alternative Provision Innovation Fund (APIF) published by DfE 21 May 2021

COVID-19: Support for children’s education published by the HoC Public Accounts Committee 20 May 2021

Ofsted Parents Annual Survey 2021 – published 10 May 2021

New School Admission Code for September 2021 published by DfE 13 May 2021

SEND Inspection Preparation: Self Evaluation Framework Peer Review Guidance

The MoC area of the Seslip website now includes the latest versions of key documents, including the:

Contact Details

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