Update no 598 1st March 2024

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Child Sexual Abuse: trends in official data 2022-23

On 29 February the Centre of Expertise on Child Sexual Abuse published Child sexual abuse in 2022/23: Trends in official data


The report analyses existing data from children’s social care, policing, criminal justice and health to explore how child sexual abuse is being identified and responded to. Findings show:

  • across the year, local authority children’s services in England recorded concerns about child sexual abuse in 33,760 assessments of children;
  • concerns about child sexual exploitation were recorded in 15,020 assessments; and
  • one in 10 assessments undertaken by local authorities in England recorded a concern about some form of child sexual abuse.

The crisis in children’s services

LGC editor Sarah Calkin is joined by:

  • Louise Gittins (Lab), chair of the LGA children and young people’s board and leader of Cheshire West & Chester Council
  • Josh MacAlister, chair of the 2022 Independent Review of Children’s Social Care and now executive chair of Foundations, the what works centre for children and families
  • Andy Smith, vice president of Association of Directors of Children’s Services and strategic director for children’s and adults’ social services at Derby City Council

The destinations of children who leave the stae education system

In the year analysed about 82,000 were recorded moving from state schools (about 0.9% of the school population) and of these,

  • about 13,000 (16%) moved to EHE
  • just over 10,000 (12.5%) had no known school or were ‘whereabouts unknown’.

The characteristics of the EHE subset showed they are more likely to have SEND and live in a deprived community and have been severely or persistently absent.

The ‘unknown’ children are more likely to be non-white, live in a non-deprived community and have been severely or persistently absent

Reminders From Previous Weeks


Future dates for network meetings

Network dates:

Lead Members Group: Expert Workshop #12 – Education: sufficiency and partnerships – 22 May 4.00pm – 6.00pm. More from Deborah Glassbrook (contact details below)

Adoption Leadership Board: More from Rebecca Eligon (contact details below)

AD Education: 10:00am Friday 15 March 2024 face-to-face in London. More from Chris Owen (contact details below)

Principal Social Workers: More from Mark Evans (contact details below)

Kinship Care Network: More from Rebecca Eligon (contact details below)

Network dates:

AD Safeguarding: 10:00am Friday 8 March via Teams. More from Mark Evans (contact details below)

QA Network: 2pm Wednesday 27 March via Teams. Please contact kimesha.osbourne@hants.gov.uk for an invitation.

Fostering Network: More from Rebecca Eligon (contact details below)

Data Benchmarking: 10:00am Thursday 20 June.. SEND Data Benchmarking Thursday 9 May 10am. More from Luke Ede (contact details below)

SEND SE19: More from Sheelagh Sullivan (contact details below)

Early Help: More from Rebecca Eligon (contact details below)

Finance Directors Group: More from Deborah Glassbrook (contact details below)

Commissioners’ Network: 1pm Friday 15 March via Teams. More from Chris Baird (contact details below)

Agency Rules Consultation: Closes 28 February

On 31 January DfE opened its consultation on Agency Rules for Local Authority Children’s Social Care

Closing date 23:45 on 28 February 2024


Research launched for Safer Internet Day reveals that young people are excited about changes in online technology but express the need for conversation and better support

Tools & Templates

We have produced a Regional Improvement Plan (July 2023)

On 29 February the Centre of Expertise on Child Sexual Abuse published Child sexual abuse in 2022/23: Trends in official data

On 20 February the Children’s Commissioner published Lost in transition? The destinations of children
who leave the state education system

On 20 February LGC released a podcast: The crisis in children’s services with Louise Gittins, Josh MacAlister, and Andy Smith

On 6 February UKSIC published Inspiring change? making a difference, managung influence and navigating change online

On 1 February Ofsted and CQC published Alternative provision in local areas in England: a thematic review

On 31 January DfE opened its consultation on Agency Rules for Local Authority Children’s Social Care

On 31 January DfE published Generative AI in education: Educator and expert views

On 31 January Centre of expertise on child sexual abuse published Support matters: The landscape of child sexual abuse support services in England and Wales

On 31 January NSPCC Learning published Home again: reunification practice in England: Understanding reunification practice in the children’s social care system in England

On 31 January NSPCC Learning published Returning children home from care: learning from case review

On 31 January NFER published Ethnic diversity in the teaching workforce: evidence review

On 31 January ECPAT UK published Prevention and identification of children and young adults experiencing, or at risk of, modern slavery in the UK.

On 30 January Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel published its Annual Review 2022-2023

On 29 January Education Select Committee published Ofsted’s work with

On 25 January DfE published Financial year 2022-23 LA and school expenditure. DfE also published School funding statistics for financial year 2023-2024. This relates to the funding that is allocated to local authorities and state-funded schools (academies) in England by the (DfE) in each year.

On 23 January Joseph Rowntree Foundation published UK Poverty 2024: The essential guide to understanding poverty in the UK

On 18 January ImpactEd published Understanding Attendance
Findings on the drivers of pupil absence from over 30,000 young people in England

On 17 January RiP published Expressions of self: supporting minoritised children’s identity

On 12 January Research in Practice invited local authorities to join a network for the National Workload Action Group (NWAG) and Valuing Social Work Project.  On 2 January Community Care released a podcast Racism in social work.

On 9 January National Policing Vulnerability Knowledge and Practice Programme (VKPP) published National Analysis of Police-Recorded Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation (CSAE) Crimes Report 2022

On 8 January DHSC published A framework of modifiable factors to guide promotion of good mental health in babies, children and young people

On 2 January Community Care released a podcast Racism in social work.

On 19 December DfE launched a Consultation on Guidance for Schools and Colleges on Gender Questioning Children which closes on 12 March 2024

On 19 December Heidi Connor, Senior Coroner for Berkshire published a Prevention of Future Deaths report following the Ruth Perry inquest. Ofsted’s response is here. The DfE response is here

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